One defining feature of Randall Watson’s books is their beautiful covers. Click the book covers below to read about or purchase Randall Watson’s books.

No Evil is Wide

No Evil is Wide front cover. The lettering is yellow and in all caps superimposed over a painting of a black hand with an eye in the middle of it. The whole is on a bright red background with lines radiating out from the center of the space behind the hand.
Cover art: by Charles Moody

The Geometry of Wishes

The Geometry of Wishes by Randall Watson cover art shows a geometric, abstract painting in with rectangular shapes in earth tones on a powder blue background.
Cover art: Nocturne III by Jacqueline Dee Parker

The Sleep Accusations

The Sleep Accusations by Randall Watson. Cover image shows a window opening on a bright yellow light.

Las Delaciones del Sueño

Las Delaciones del Sueño, by Randall Watson. Cover image shows two cubist figures in a lovers' embrace.

The Weight of Addition

The Weight of Addition, edited by Randall Watson shows a piece of abstract art in shades of gold on a turquoise background.